Hello there friend! I was at my house, in my village the other day, when I decided to cycle to friend’s (Koko) house to pick him up, to go and play in a park near my home.


At the park there were some swings, a fountain, and a table. We filled some water balloons from the fountain and played a bit. But before too long a kid from the other side of the village destroyed the balloons and we were left sat on the table not knowing what to do next. We no longer had the water balloons to play with and we were at a loss as to what to do. I guess we were bored.


We started thinking about making some money, even if it was as little as a pound. So, we decided to make origami to sell it. Well, we made all sorts of things from ships to planes and animals.


We went to my home to pick up a box to put our large collection of origami in it. We then taped the box to Koko’s bike and we went around selling them for 25p each. And guess what we made? A total profit of 3pound 60! Which was a great success! (In Bulgaria it would dinner for a whole family!) Not a bad way to finish off a boring day. So the moral of the story is that you can always find what to do to turn things around. All you need is imagination and work.

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